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In Their Own Words - Student Testimonials

The staff and volunteers at Literacy Council York-Simcoe - Skills Upgrading Centre are so grateful to have had the opportunity to help adults in our community change their lives for over 37 years. We strive to provide the most current and relevant training, and we pride ourselves in creating an inclusive learning environment where students can achieve success at their own pace, regardless of learning style.

We are so proud of our students' achievements and we are always happy to hear how we helped them succeed. See what just a few of our students had to say after achieving their goals with us!

(For privacy, some names have been changed at the request of the student.)

Joanne says:

"I wanted to upgrade my MS Office skills after being out of the workforce for quite some time. And I have tried many computer training modules, but Literacy Council York-Simcoe has the best one I've tried. I chose LCYS because of the flexibility of the program. It's accessible from home, easy to follow, you learn by applying, and I could review any part of the course I felt weak in. Staff is supportive and I received encouragement along the way."

Peter says:

"Before I came to LCYS, I knew that I needed to get my High School diploma if I wanted to go further in life, but I didn’t know where to begin my education. I also didn’t feel like I could read or write properly as I often felt lost when dealing with paperwork. Through my experience with LCYS, I gained more confidence with my academic skills. When I found out that I passed my GED, I was so happy I actually cried tears of joy."

Angela says:

"An amazing Program!!! This computer program has given me, not only the chance to learn, but also to grow towards more and better employment opportunities that I was hoping for! I have learned a lot throughout this course. Again, all around a great program I absolutely recommend it! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my Computer Training Facilitator. Throughout the course he was very kind, supportive and very professional!"

Judy says:

"LCYS has been a life changing experience for me. Not only did I obtain my GED, with confidence, being a student helped changed my life! I highly recommend this institution to anyone who is thinking of progressing and taking their learning to the next level. You will be given the right tools to succeed, and given the most excellent and professional help tailored to you."

Roger says:

"I have taken and completed all of the computer and Employability Soft Skills courses. It has been a wonderful learning and growing experience. The courses were great and your facilities are excellent. It is a pleasant, friendly environment and I will miss it. Thank you all very much for your help and guidance. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to take these courses!"

Eva says:

"The staff are amazing! During the pandemic, I have had lessons sent to me via email. If I have problems or questions I can call and speak to my instructor. I am grateful and thankful to have had the amazing support of ALL the staff. It has been a wonderful experience feeling empowered by all the training I have received. The Adult Learning Instructor has been a pillar. She has kept me on task and I would like to thank her in helping me to achieve my goal of holding my GED in my hand."

Abena says:

"I have a bachelor's degree, but my computer skills, especially with Excel, needed upgrading so I could better my employment skills for when the pandemic was over. What I liked best about my training was that I was able to take my time and go at a pace I was comfortable with. The Computer Training Facilitator is awesome, very supportive, and replied quickly when I had questions. I'm more confident in my Excel skills now and I have already updated my resume!"

Warren says:

"The knowledge I gained has and will continue to benefit me. The material presented was of high quality, the facility was pleasant and always welcoming, and the entire staff were always very friendly, helpful and encouraging. I enjoyed every one of my numerous visits. In fact, I was a little sad that my time at the Literacy Council had to come to an end when I started my new job. The experience was wonderful and gets my highest recommendations!"

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